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Class notifications for October:
-No meditation class on *October* 22nd or 29th.
-There will be a special Mala bracelet making class on October 22nd. Please register!

October 2014

The date to make appointments for October is:
Everyday, starting after 9 am!
All appointments are made by calling 760-536-7679.
(Appointments are available for currently enrolled SDCRI clients.)

Dear North San Diego County Community,

As many of you know, SDCRI’s Integrative free services have become very popular over the last several years, and more recently, there has been a significant increase in patient participation. The program has kept growing to accommodate the equally growing need for integrative support services for those dealing with cancer. Due to this increase in client participation, the Integrative free services have outgrown SDCRI’s ability to sustain them. Furthermore, three key supervisors of the program will be retiring or moving out of San Diego. You may have heard that, sadly, by the end of 2014, SDCRI will no longer be providing these free Integrative services in North County.

As these programs are so sought after and helpful to the patients, SDCRI is working with some larger institutions to find a way to transition over the operations of these free complementary services. This would be an ideal situation for the community. The details still need to be figured out and we will keep you informed as it moves along, so please visit our website for updates. In the interim, we will keep the program running until the end of the fall 2014.

The San Diego Cancer Research Institute, which was created in the year 2000, will continue as a non-profit with a focus on research, education and collaboration. Our web site will continue to offer educational programs, resources, updated news on integrative oncology, etc.

SDCRI is deeply grateful for all the volunteers love and selfless dedication to the welfare of the patients, the program and community over the past many years. The Integrative program was created almost 15 years ago and has become not only very successful, but also a role model in its field and for other institutions to follow. Thousands of patients and family members have been supported over the years and for that we are deeply grateful and very proud.

With love, deep gratitude and much appreciation,
SDCRI Integrative Oncology leadership

For a list of our Volunteers’ private practices that specialize in oncology patient therapies, please see our Volunteers page.
For a list of resources, both national and local, visit our Cancer Resource and Educational Links page.

All SDCRI support groups, modalities and classes are held at the Encinitas location, with the exception of Gentle Zumba and Gentle Fitness. Please see the Educational and Arts Programs page or scroll down for individual info on each class or group to find out where they take place within our offices or offsite.

1-on-1 Modalities that require appointments:

Classes & groups that require sign-ups:

  • -Expressive Art Therapy (includes Friday classes, Terrariums, Mala Bracelet making, and other Tuesday/Wednesday classes)
  • -Bronze & Branch Concerts
  • -Other Special Events (always check individual info)

Classes & groups for walk-ins:

In the cases of most classes, caregivers are welcome as long as there is room available. Cancer survivors and patients are our priority, but we love to share when we can!