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About Dr. Daniel Vicario, M.D.

Daniel Vicario, M.D. is a medical oncologist and integrative oncologist. He was co-founder and medical director of the San Diego Cancer Center for over 15 years and medical director at the U.C. San Diego Cancer Center for three years until February 2014. Dr. Vicario remains the Medical Director and Director of Integrative Oncology at the San Diego Cancer Research Institute (SDCRI) which he cofounded in 1998. Dr. Vicario conducts research in the area of evidenced based healing modalities to support cancer patients and Integrative Oncology in general. Dr. Vicario has received multiple recognitions and awards for his tireless and innovative support of cancer patients.

Dr. Vicario’s past professional career includes graduating with honors from the University of Buenos Aires, School of Medicine. He then returned to his native California, worked and studied Clinical Pharmacology at Stanford University Medical Center. This was followed by Residency and Chief Residency in Internal Medicine at the University of California Irvine (UCI). Dr. Vicario specialized in Hematology/Oncology at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). He remained on the Faculty at UCSD as Clinical Professor of Medicine and has maintained a Teaching position since. In 1994 he moved to North San Diego County and was co-founder, with Dr. Mark Adler, of the San Diego Cancer Center (SDCC) where he was Medical Director until 2011. When SDCC merged with UCSD, Dr. Vicario remained Medical Director at U.C. San Diego Cancer Services until February 2014.
In 1996 the Integrative Oncology Program emerged at the San Diego Cancer Center (SDCC) and it expanded rapidly in 2004, under the San Diego Cancer Research Institute (SDCRI), with the help of dozens of volunteers, for which Dr. Vicario is deeply grateful. Dr. Vicario honors the community of patients and volunteers coming together to co-create such a successful Integrative program that benefited hundreds of cancer patients and their loved ones for over a decade.
Dr. Vicario is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine and strives to incorporate all three specialties when caring for his patients. Dr. Vicario has served the San Diego community in a wide variety of non-profit health care related functions as a volunteer since 1992, including Medical Director of three Hospices in San Diego and board member of several nonprofit cancer organizations.

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