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COVID-19 Update #14

Update # 14: Recommendations for the Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine Primary Series in Adults Ages 18 and Older.  July 28, 2022:  

The FDA has issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) for a new Covid-19 vaccine, Novavax. This vaccine is different from the previous 3; Pfizer, Moderna & Janssen. Why do we need yet another Covid-19 vaccine? This one is targeting those who remain unvaccinated due to concerns about the mRNA & adenovirus vector (Janssen) technology. Novavax is based on well-known traditional vaccine models.

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Genomic Oncology

Dr. Mark Adler, Institute Director, heads the Genomic Oncology Diagnostics and Second Opinion Initiative, a new generation-platform for developing treatments tailored to the individual patient. It involves the application of sensitive genomic tests to the determination of a tumor’s drug sensitivity and resistance. In addition, a person’s hereditary traits and a tumor’s genetic signature will be used to determine how best to eliminate a given cancer with a specific therapy or agent.
We have added 5 new articles authored by Dr. Adler to this page.
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Dr. Brenner’s Musings

“Be Here Now” … Ram Das

The latest addition to Dr. Brenner’s Blog is up and ready for you! Enjoy this sweet musing about the miracle that is you!
His previous blogs are available on this page as well.

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Videos and Talks

Comprehensive Cancer Care: Integrative Oncology with Daniel Vicario, MD and Paul J. Mills
Medical oncologist Daniel Vicario, co-founder of the San Diego Cancer Center, talks about his pioneering research in integrating Western medicine with ancient healing techniques as he develops comprehensive treatment plans for his patients. In this conversation with Paul J. Mills of UC San Diego, Dr. Vicario gives examples of treatments that have led to a decrease in symptoms, fewer doctor visits and a higher quality of life for those who are responsive to holistic cancer care.

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