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April 30, 2024

I had the opportunity to review Dr. Wayne Jonas and Dr. Alyssa McManamon’s “Healing and Cancer” book. Reading it gave me a sense of optimism, inspiration, and gratitude.
As a Medical Oncologist for 35 years, Medical Director of two cancer centers, and specializing in Integrative Oncology for over two decades, I’ve learned the importance of caring for the Whole Person when we are working with and supporting cancer patients. In this guide to Whole Person Care, Drs. Jonas and McManamon eloquently and in detail, elucidate the steps in caring for cancer patients and their support team: their family members, loved ones, nurses, doctors, and extended medical care team. Treating the Whole Person is essential, not optional.
Fortunately, medicine and science have advanced greatly, yet there is a significant lack in understanding the wisdom of Integrative/Integrated Oncology. Treating the Whole Person and integrating complementary traditions and modalities make a significant difference. Recommending and supporting a comprehensive integrated approach for cancer patients is crucial, not only for their quality of life, but to improve their chances of living longer, and sometimes way beyond the statistics.
It is clear that people with cancer need to be heard, empowered, supported, and encouraged to believe in their intuition and their powerful ability to recover from any condition, including advanced cancer. This guidebook gives everyone those tools. True Healing is multidisciplinary and multidimensional. A truly Integrated approach is essential for all cancer patients.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who has cancer and everyone supporting them, especially their medical team. It is a must-have resource for all cancer centers and oncology clinics/units of every institution.

~Daniel Vicario, M.D., ABIHM

Learn about and purchase the book here.

Dr. Brenner’s Musings

“#3 You Are Not Your Cancer”


While we mourn the passing of our beloved Dr. Paul Brenner we can still enjoy the beautiful and inspiring

words he shared with us over the years. We will now begin re-posting his old blogs, starting with the very first one:

In this post, Dr. Brenner teaches the importance of focusing on positive thoughts and “deleting” the negative thoughts. Not even your cancer can diminish who you are if you let love keep you strong.

Read it here!

On his personal page is a summary of Dr. Brenner’s professional career.

Expressive Arts Therapy with Alessandra Colfi, Ph.D.: Waves of Love, Waves of Care

Our new creative collaboration / initiative to engage the worldwide community with the expressive arts, making meaning, and coming together to uplift one another, will be assembled and featured as a photo booth at the CSU Symposium for Palliative Care in February 2024 in SAN DIEGO!

Read more here!
Watch for updates on this project soon!

Awakening Gratitude, Resilience, and Joy Retreat in Assisi, Italy with Alessandra Colfi, Ph.D., Larry Cammarata, Ph.D., and Linda Cammarata, RYT June 22-28, 2024

St. Francis Basilica

Gratitude is a part of a wider outlook on life that involves noticing and appreciating the positive aspects of life. Recognizing and expressing gratitude for specific aspects of one’s life can result in improved mental, and even physical health in patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

Learn and explore within a friendly and supportive small group setting.

Read about this special retreat and sign up here.

Genomic Oncology

Dr. Mark Adler, Institute Director, heads the Genomic Oncology Diagnostics and Second Opinion Initiative, a new generation platform for developing treatments tailored to the individual patient. It involves the application of sensitive genomic tests to the determination of a tumor’s drug sensitivity and resistance. In addition, a person’s hereditary traits and a tumor’s genetic signature will be used to determine how best to eliminate a given cancer with a specific therapy or agent.
We have added 5 new articles authored by Dr. Adler to this page.
Read more here!

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Videos and Talks

Gregg Braden Invitational – CHI The Energy that Heals –  This is a recent Zoom conversation regarding CHI Initiative’s upcoming documentary “The Energy that Heals”, and CHI’s “amazing ability to bring together diverse practitioners, thinkers, and actors with the goal of empowering individuals, societies, and humanity to build healthier societies and sustainable stewardship of our planet.”
Dr. Vicarios’s interaction starts at around minute 38. The documentary “The Energy that Heals” is under production. This is the link to CHI’s website with a recent Webinar that explains this exciting documentary project: https://www.chi.is/energy-that-heals/

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