Musings in the Month of May

Mary H/ May 2, 2016/ Paul Brenner, MD, PhD

If Life itself is the ultimate gift, do we understand life by dissecting it or by living it?

If you are born without generational bias, would you create your own?

If the need for more is inborn, will you ever have enough?

When is your more, less?

If Self- love is lost when we are compared or compare ourselves to another, then how much suffering is needed before that love is reclaimed?

The mind created difference by seeing life as outside the illusion of self.

Why is it so difficult for religions, races & nations to simply say, “I’m sorry” as an act of reparation?

How has childhood pain shaped your life to serve others at the expense of your self?

We are all healers. What in your ancestral past are you here to heal?

If our purpose is to heal the past and provide for the yet unborn, why is it so difficult to realize that you are doing what you’re intended to do?

Does one find themselves by following or living?

Our foremothers and fathers had to do horrible things to survive, do we?