I Am That I Am

Mary H/ July 18, 2013/ Paul Brenner, MD, PhD

(Original Post from Dr. Brenner’s personal Blog, July 18, 2013)

Ever think about where our eyes are located? Without a mirror or some other reflective device, we would never know what we look like.

The eyes are perfectly located to see what is in front of us.  If they were located over our heart, belly button, top of our feet we might have a glimpse of that unique individual that is you. But the front of the head?  Why?

In Hebrew, God’s name is I AM THAT I AM.  And, what if we truly were created in God’s image, Love?   And what if we placed a simple comma in God’s name:

I  AM, THAT I AM?  If this were true, then we are everything we see.   Let’s be honest, if everything we see is not so loving, than we are not so loving.

But, what if WE are here to evolve God and Love?  What if WE  accept that WE are all Gods made visible?