“Love Thy Self as Thy Would Love Thy Best Friend”

Mary H/ March 17, 2014/ Paul Brenner, MD, PhD

(Original Post from Dr. Brenner’s personal Blog, March 17, 2014)

To whom it may concern, I have not blogged in quite awhile.  I am just trying to live this blog.

  “Love Thy Self as Thy Would Love Thy Best Friend”

I have been on a 53-year journey through the healing art of medicine.  I am presently a Psychosocial-Oncologist at a Cancer Center.  Here I realized the emotional pains of the cancer patient are the “unmet Needs” of their childhood. In those patients who where able to obtain ancestral data, their ”unrealized childhood needs” proved to be trans-generational (epigenetic).

These patients are, for the most part, “selfless”, nurturing individuals who tended to parent their “best friends” in the manor that they had “wished” to be parented, but parented themselves and their family members similarly to the way they were parented.

I also had worked at an Addiction Center, as an outpatient Family Therapy.  These individuals, for the most part, were “selfish” and “narcissistic”, i.e., diametrically opposite from the cancer patients. Childhood emotional pain drives us to either connected to  (cancer patient) or isolate from (the addict) others.

Whatever the specific “unmet needs” of you or I may be, it will inevitably lead most of us to the self- belief that “ I am unworthy of love, unlovable and if people really knew me, they will find out I’m really a fraud.”  But most importantly, hidden in our “unmet need” is the solution.  Simply put: “Love thy self, as thy love thy best friend.”  This is why I’m not blogging as much.

Loving, Living and with Gratitude,