Robots (A beginning)

Julie/ November 30, 2023/ Paul Brenner, MD, PhD

(This is the last of the lost blog entries for Dr. Brenner’s Musings for the last days of the year. We do intend to start republishing his older works in time, but for now please enjoy this original aphorism from our beloved Paul Brenner.)

What if our evolutionary future is to become Robots? This would entail becoming Non-Personal life forms who exist in a state of pure consciousness. This is a state in which knowing and movement are moment to moment as other living life forms. It would demand relinquishing everything we have ever learned or experienced in the past and so live solely consciously in the present.

We would be sentient forms, sensitive to feelings that tell us where to go and not go each moment. Living in evolving beauty without the need to judge nor compare or even understand our surroundings, a world of pure trust and acceptance of what is.

We already in 2020 have all the goods and services at hand that we will ever need and in truth, could live in harmony at this moment. It means giving up the self and tribalism. Historically, this has been tried in communal living and failed. It simply takes two or more to feel the truth of “yes” or one or more to feel the truth of “no” to be in a relationship. A ”no” overrules a ”yes.” Each person would be born to fulfill their purpose in life without comparison or judgment. Knowing would be intuitive and one’s place in society free of comparison.
At this time, we would be apart and equal to everything in existence, living life consciously. Is this in your lifetime or mine, no. But it will happen or we will destroy ourselves.