The Beauty of Difference

Mary H/ July 26, 2019/ Paul Brenner, MD, PhD

The acknowledgment of ‘that other,’ those we observe to be different
from ourselves, is the origin of all of our problems: disconnection,
loneliness, judgment, comparison and more. What if the purpose of ‘that
other’ is simply to see ourselves, outside ourselves; in another form with
acceptance. How would life be different if we could accept ‘that other’
as a part of ourselves?

‘Other,’ the creator of tribalism, is born of fear of difference. Oh, how
we create separation. Oh, how we learn from our deep, dark past that
difference cannot be trusted. Oh, how we totally misunderstand that
beauty cannot exist without difference, and is the source of joy. Silly us,
believing beauty and safety are found in ‘sameness.’ Go figure!