Musings 3: March

Mary H/ March 2, 2016/ Paul Brenner, MD, PhD

brennerEpigentics, the study of those environmental forces and trans-generational experiences that effect the expression of genes without effecting gene sequencing, has shown that generation after generation has been born with racism and prejudice.  Born of color into an environment that is reticent to support your birth rights can only lead to suppression and hardships.  The long term impact of Epigenetic is the source of the hate and violence found within such societies which stifle the creativity, equality and humanism of our most vulnerable populations.

The most precious gift in life is life itself.

The present is the present.

Love is a dance between togetherness and aloneness.

The present and the series of choices made within those moments are the creators of our unique story.

Our story is an illusion of the mind. Choice is the only reality.

We are no more than particles within a conscious organism.

Fear, judgment and comparison are our collective cancer.

Love is letting go of judgment and comparison.

Love “does” have conditions.

It is to do No Harm.  Love demands permission.

It takes two to say “Yes” or one to say “No” to have an honoring relationship.

The gift of a meaningful relationship is to individually uncover and heal unfinished business, as well as that of your ancestors.

Individual therapy, pre-marital therapy, and perinatal therapy are keys to prevent illness. Unresolved stress sets the stage for dis-ease.