Musings, Part 2: February

Mary H/ February 2, 2016/ Paul Brenner, MD, PhD

Dr. Paul Brenner has been posting words of wisdom on his Facebook page. We have collected these Brenner-isms to inspire you in the New Year.

 Trying to get it right gets it wrong.

 The greatest gift in life is life itself.

 As soon as we see anything else in life as other than ourselves we become separated from life.

 Life is a shared creation. Everything exists in relationship.

 Who we are is far more important than what we do.

 Who is our commonality. Our doing is our separation.

 Illness can be a friend. It is a time to search within and ask, “Why now?”

 Chronic illness may be asking for transformation.

 Health does not mean freedom from illness. Health is the understanding and acceptance of the life process.

 Stress can shift balanced health to dis-health.

 What are you getting out of illness that is not obtainable in health?

 Psychology is the future of Preventative Medicine.

 If I’m not you, who am I?

 Replace discomforting tapes of emotional pain and suffering by rekindling those innate tapes of contentment and gratitude.

 llness is not the enemy. Illness is a call for movement, transformation.

 If I were alone long enough, I would create you as my best friend. You are my mirror of my disowned self. I can only find me through you. You are part of my wholeness.

 We are no more than particles within a conscious organism.

 Any belief that demeans another life form demeans self.