Deborah Pomeranz, MBA
Was the former Vice-President, Board of Directors

Deborah had over 25 years of experience in the corporate arena along with the non-profit sector. This tenure had included sales, marketing, management, strategic planning, brand development, grant writing, and website structure. Currently, she was the vice president on the board of directors for North County Cancer Fitness (NCCF). Deborah had participated in patient education workshops as well as lectured on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer—of which she was particularly passionate. Deborah provided a unique perspective, into the realm of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer after her transformative life experience. She was also an ovarian cancer survivor.

Deborah passed away in 2017, but the world is still benefitting from her strength and ambition. North County Cancer Fitness still continues to help survivors and their families to fight back against cancer.
She is missed, and we are so grateful for her contributions to our lives.

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