Justine Shelton is an E-RYT 500 and a graduate of the American Viniyoga Institute under the direction of Gary Kraftsow, and holds the distinction of AVI Certified Viniyoga Therapist. She specializes in rehabilitative Yoga, specifically spinal disc injuries, as well as shoulder and knee therapy. She has also run a Cancer Recovery Program since 2009 along with her private Yoga therapy practice. Her passion is working with people who have different forms of catastrophic illness, helping them to manage their condition, minimize and cope with pain and, most importantly, helping them to realize they are not their condition!

Justine graduated from Loyola College of Maryland in 1992, putting herself through college on a full athletic scholarship for basketball. She spent many hours in the training room being treated for injuries, where she developed an interest in human anatomy and the healing process. As a ‘recovering’ athlete, she was thrilled to find Yoga. Letting go of competition came as a huge relief, allowing her to focus on healing her own body.

Many people know her through her video “Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Low Back” by Yoga Journey Productions (www.yogaJP.com), which was reviewed by Richard Rosen in Yoga Journal in September of 2011. She encourages her students to practice where their body is right now, allowing for the constant change and growth that comes with a dedicated practice. One of the reasons she loves Yoga is that there is always more to learn, always room to grow. She is also a Reiki Master and Thai Yoga Therapist and loves to incorporate these various healing styles into her work.

Justine hails from Grand Junction, Colorado where she was fortunate enough to be able to learn to ride horses, eventually having four of her own. These majestic animals taught her a great amount about healing and energetics and played a large role in her childhood development and who she is today. She lives in Oceanside, CA with her husband, Alan, and their two rescue dogs, Bodhi and Lola.

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