Zariah Ricossa, LCSW, has spent her life fascinated with its meaning, why we’re here, where we came from, where we’re going, what motivates human behavior, what brings lasting peace and love.

Following her early adult years steeped in spirituality and education, Zariah’s relentless inner journey drew her to move to Hawaii where she became the first social worker at Hospice Kona newly approved by Medicare; thus launching her 20 yr. a career in Hospice work.

Over the years Zariah worked in 5 different hospices as both social workers and for 7yrs. in Hospice Spiritual Care where she felt she could be fully present to both the emotional/spiritual needs of those in the transition thru death.

In the past year, Zariah has returned from her second tour of service with Hospice Maui back to her spiritual community of Self-Realization Fellowship in Encinitas. She has once again opened a private practice now specializing in Grief and Life Transition Counseling including the client’s own Spiritual Direction.

Zariah has received Emotional Freedom Techniques/EFT, Levels 1 & 2 Certification.
She is also an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.

Zariah has become both a Medicare Provider and now a new participant for the large Mental Health Practitioner Network.

Due to Zariah’s Hospice experience of serving homebound and palliative care patients in their homes, Zariah is available to make some limited (North SD County) home visits.

As a social work/spiritual care consultant, Zariah is now working with local concierge MDs.

In Zariah’s free time she loves to sing/Ballroom dance; storytelling; nature/bird watching; time with family; volunteering with her spiritual community; while always holding the space for others’ tears and laughter including her conscious use of humor!

Zariah welcomes your interest and questions for ways in which she may assist you/family in integrating your own emotional and spiritual needs through life’s endless transitions.

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