Emotions are stories

Mary H/ April 16, 2020/ Paul Brenner, MD, PhD

Emotions are our behavioral responses to stories that we tell ourselves;
and those fearful experiences of our generational, epigenetic past.
These often shape our reality, and our responses to that reality. The
stories originate in the mind, as well as external environmental input that
can trigger our own stories and internal memories. They are retold,
consciously and unconsciously, until they too often recreate the
emotional, reflexive response intended by the storyteller.

Emotions are evoked responses from the myths that live within us; to
recreate the various perturbations of the nervous system, ranging from
feelings of pleasurable to unpleasantness in the body. Emotional
responses are rarely a response to the truth of what is occurring at the
moment. Emotions are interpretive responses to what is thought to be
happening; based in part truth and part fiction, part past and part
present, part internal and part external.

The game is to become aware when emotions are triggered and to have
the discernment to know that our interpretation, as well as that of
others are most likely invalid.