Balance – The Illusion of a Steady State and Other

Mary H/ May 1, 2020/ Paul Brenner, MD, PhD

Balance is the state of dynamic equilibrium. It is a dynamic state in
which opposites exchange between one another, without loss. It is the
state referred to as the transpersonal experience. It is a state devoid of
comparison or judgment. Since it may appear that nothing is happening,
it is often misunderstood as a state of ‘oneness.’ Balance is the state one
feels in love. The ultimate exchange.

Here, there is a loss of self in another. It is a psychedelic experience,
where boundaries disappear; yet everything happens in unison, and the
multitude becomes a sense of oneness. In this experience, the various
parts of the brain communicate in unison, no longer monitored by the
cortex. When the brain is scrambled, it heals. Psychedelics, similar to
electroshock, destabilize the brain in order to rebalance it; and have
been found, with intention, to be a valuable aid to end depression and

Balance is a religious experience, and may have led Alfred Lord Tennyson
to write, “I am part of all that I have met.” It is here that he enters a
‘margin-less’ reality. Where margins exist, it begs for a sense of