The Mirror

Julie/ July 8, 2020/ Paul Brenner, MD, PhD

This cry for equality is so very different than I have ever experienced. Mr. Trump has been our mirror of the vestiges of the racist, privileged lives we all have lived so it’s time for each of us to take an inventory of our own lives.

Anyone who lives life with more than they need is privileged.

If that is true, how many of us are born into privilege and are driven to maintain that privilege?

How many of us live lives of excess in an attempt to live that privilege?

How many of us know that we are enough, for this is the bottom line that drives the need for more.

When is enough, enough?

As self-love fills your soul then and only then will you know that you are enough.

At that point it is just natural to meet the needs of everyone you meet, be they privileged or unprivileged.

Paul Brenner