We Are All Miracles

Julie/ January 5, 2022/ Paul Brenner, MD, PhD

The sheer gift of LIFE IS A Miracle. If you could think, but for a moment:
all the combinations and permutations that made you, you, is simply a
miracle beyond belief or words. Two microscopic cells fused and divided,
replicated forty one times, to create millions of cells with special DNA,
emotions, understanding and beliefs; unlike any other human that has ever
been created. Even identical twins, within a minuscule time, become
different; as their epigenetic experiences begin to differ, and change what
was once similar to different. You’re a miracle, a one-of-a-kind, who has
forever imprinted the history of humankind with your uniqueness. Your
value has no price. There will never be another as you. You’re irreplaceable.
And, have you ever said, “Thank you,” for your unique you?
Why you? Why have you been chosen to love and experience a life that no
other person has ever or ever will be able to experience again? This miracle
carries with it only one downside: loneliness. No other can ever truly know
you or be you. Yes, you are a Miracle, as are others; and love others for they
share in your loneliness. Please cherish your uniqueness, and understand
the truth of loneliness as all-oneness. If you want to see a miracle, look in
the mirror. Be kind to all the other Miracles in your life, who never knew
that you were also a lonely Miracle.