“Be Here Now”…Ram Das – An Ode to Nurses

Julie/ August 8, 2022/ Paul Brenner, MD, PhD

“Be Here Now” is an important statement that fills New Age Workshops throughout this country and Europe. To achieve this wonderful state of being is much more difficult than one might imagine. This can never happen in a weekend or a month. It demands time, a specific place of silence, ideally within Nature, “The Mother” of all that’s good, true, and I believe awakened and conscious.

We are all taught at a young age to be sensitive to the needs of others. Over time, “the other” can become more important than one’s self. Service to others tends to be rewarded by those served for our sensitivity. This cycle of giving and relieving, too often, can become addictive. In time, we tend to not know our own needs and wants. This need to satisfy other can continue into adulthood and to a vocation of Nursing, Medicine, Social Work or any other selfless service. In time, this unconsciously leads to a subtle, inner voice, “What about me?”

The starved, selfless One ruminates, “What can I do?” “Who haven’t I called?” “Where can I go?” “Maybe I’ll read!” “Maybe I’ll go shopping.” “No, TV or …. I’ll just go to bed.” This need to connect to anyone or anything, temporarily silences the inner voice, the voice of “The Lost self.”

Personally, I love to be there for others but when I’m finished, I’m out of that person’s problems and take care of mySelf. It is so refreshing to have time for oneself, only if you can let go of the other’s story and trauma. I truly learned this from the Natural World. I gifted myself by being in Mother Nature, alone, in isolation for an extended period of time. I realized trees, grass, rocks, everything in existence is conscious through Intention, prayer, and permission.

The Natural World saved my life and taught me to appreciate the unknown that lives both within and outside of myself. Nature teaches the dance between togetherness and aloneness and most importantly, the acceptance and transient existence of LIFE. Nature teaches that what may come in the moment is followed by the acceptance and purification that is found in that next moment of silent aloneness.

This is why I feel that individuals within the Healing Arts can find their true nature within Nature. There is no better dance in his world than that of being captivated by another, and finding solace within one’s Self.

With love for you and the wonderment of The Healing Arts, Be Here Now.
Paul Brenner, MD, PhD