Musings: January

Mary H/ December 31, 2015/ Paul Brenner, MD, PhD

Dr. Paul Brenner has been posting words of wisdom on his Facebook page. We have collected these Brenner-isms to inspire you in the New Year.




  • Pure love for others comes from the overflow of love for self and so asks for nothing in return. Such love leads to no-self.
  • You cannot give another what is not within yourself.
  • I am that other, I am.
  • Life abhors constancy.
  • Illness is not the enemy. Illness is a call for movement, transformation.
  • The only one who can save you is you.
  • The only one who can meet your unmet needs is you.
  • Your gift to life is found in your childhood emotional pain.
  • Psychology is Medicine. To truly be present is to erase the past.
  • No thought is worth thinking about.
  • The unmet needs of childhood become a part of our definition of love.
  • A ‘no’ overrules a ‘yes.’
  • The opposite of your cherished values also have values.